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4th Day

4th day.  At least my mom promised to blog.  I hope she’s telling th truth.  My website is Kirby The Star Warrior. – Jack


3rd Day

3rd day.  My mom PROMISED that she would blog.  not much to say, but working on website. – Jack

End Of 2nd Day

The end of the second day of our blog is almost here!  Still, NO ONE ELSE HAS POSTED!  Today I started work on my podcast and I practiced recording.  I only need a few more days before Star Warrior: The Podcast comes out.  That’s it for today! – Jack


Jack’s Idea

I had an idea!  I was looking for Kirby stuff on i-tunes and there was NOTHING.  I decided to make a Kirby podcast.   At least there are Kirby songs!  Be ready to see Star Warrior The Podcast! – Jack


Today we started our garden. We chose corn, lettuce, watermelon, and more. On the way back we got ice cream. It was fun! So far NO ONE ELSE HAS POSTED! My mom said she would post! – Jack


This is Jack, speaking for Kate because she can’t write yet.  Kate says (remember, she’s young):

“Like scream, Jack screams.  Kirby warpstar, Kirby warpstar.  The end.”



Thats Kate.  She shrieks a LOT.  I just wanted to mention the other people in the family because I’m the only one thats posting.  Well, we just started it today…

Dad: Tim

Mom: Trish

Kids: Me, Luisa (Lucy), and Katherine (Kate)

– Jack