A blog of our family

Hi!  This is Trish, matriarch of the great Bricker family.  I’m pleasing my son greatly by FINALLY posting!  The remaining 3 Brickers aren’t that impressed.   <Pause> While I try to ignore the 5 year old shrieking loudly.

So April Fool’s Day started out for us at 4 am, when we were awakened by Jack excitedly posting lots of “Happy April Fools Day” post-its all over the house, including the refrigerator and the toilet paper roll.  Perhaps he knows better than the rest of us the places we frequent.

<pause> The 5 year old is quiet.  Perhaps asleep?

So where was I?  I sent the 2 older children to school with “mock sushi” (they were a hit) and went to the 5 year-old’s class to read a book by Robert Musch called “Mmm Cookies” which is about a boy who finds clay and makes fake cookies and tricks his family.  We then made cookies with 20 4 and 5 year olds.  Unfortunately the dough was a bit gooey so it made a mess but the kids had fun.  They then had “grilled cheese” sandwiches for snack which was really pound cake with orange frosting.  Fun stuff!  I love April Fools Day! No kidding!



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