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Spring Break Fun Time!

We went on an AWESOME vacation for spring break!  On Tuesday we left for the beach for 2 days.  There were a TON of dead jellyfish.  One of them we cut up, then realized it was still alive!  We got HUGE sunburns!  I am peeling mine as I type.  It was PAINFULL!  After the beach we went to our friends, the Lloyds’s grandparent’s house.  We rode on their boat every day, and it was SUPER fun!  On the back of the boat we tied a rope and went tubing!  After being in the water, we would come back to a 100 degres, warm hot tub.  When ever we put on the bubbles, Jonah Lloyd would yell “Alligator, alligator, alligator!”, which would make Kate shriek every time.  After 3 days, at the Lloyds, we finally came home on Sunday (If you did the math, 2 days + 3 days = 5 days which results in Saturday.  I don’t know what happened to that one day!).  Best spring break ever! – Jack, happy that spring break was invented.

P.S.  Wait until Summer!


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