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The Kate Show 2

Yay! Two episodes out!



The Kate Show, our creation.


Happy Birthday to ME!

My birthday is soon. We made a show about kate 8 months ago. Will upload soon. Yeah.

– Jack

Our Awesome Trip

A famous picture

First of all, kate spelled them wrong. Yesterday, we went to the world of coke, and we had a good time. Lucy and I tried all of the drinks (including beverly), but kate only had about 10. We had fun, and recomend you go there too!

– Jack

We’re Back!

It’s ben a while since we blogged, and we will blog more soon. have to get off, bye.

Mother’s Day!

This is a post to honor our mom because it is mother’s day.  I created a website at Happy Mother’s Day!

– Jack

Geocache continued

Today I wrote yesterday’s date in the cache’s guest book. I had taken the cache from it’s secret hiding place, and was about to write when I saw someone coming. I thought she was going to be surprised, but she just said “Hi.” In the other room my mom is saying how awesome LOST is going to be tonight.
– Jack
P.S. My Geocache will be Kirby related, and will be on my website.

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